Land Development

Land development, whether it is commercial, residential, municipal, or a combination 
of these, requires thorough site analysis. A lead civil engineer will work closely 
with the land developer to provide the design the client wants while ensuring the
site follows the regulations and requirements of the governing cities and counties.
 Bishop Engineering’s civil engineering team is well-suited to handle public relations
 as well as interactions with governmental agencies. Land development is scrutinized 
by environmental and citizen groups as well, and Bishop will make sure the project
is in full compliance with all environmental permitting. Our projects are led by
an experienced civil engineer who guarantees our land development jobs are successfully
 completed in a timely manner, without costly delays, and to the satisfaction of
our clients.

Subdivision of Land

Bishop Engineering has a long history of residential and commercial subdivisions
 in the Central Iowa area. We are very familiar with the local jurisdictions’ policies 
and procedures for the development and design of such projects. A subdivision development 
begins with a concept plan that the client and Bishop Engineering develop in cooperation.
Bishop Engineering then presents the concept plan to the governing body for review
 and comment. We work with the local government to develop a plan that meets the
 client’s needs as well as conforms to the community’s comprehensive plan for development. 
Once a preliminary plat is approved, Bishop Engineering develops detailed plans 
for the construction of the subdivision including, but not limited to, grading,
 paving and utilities. Utilities include sanitary sewer, storm sewer, water main 
and the services for each individual lot. We will also apply for all of the necessary
 permits, including Department of Natural Resources and Department of Transportation.
Our experienced field technicians will ensure that the construction process remains
in accordance with the plans. We are responsible for the construction staking including 
grading, paving, utilities and survey monuments. After the construction phase is
 complete, a final plat will be developed by a licensed professional land surveyor.
The final plat will indicate the lot number, area of the lot, address of the lot,
 dimensions of the lot, building setbacks and easement on the lot.
Our field technicians will place monuments at the corners of each lot within the
 subdivision. Once the subdivision plat is approved and acknowledged by the governing 
body, Bishop Engineering will record the plat with the County in which the subdivision 
lies. The client will receive copies of the recorded subdivision plat. Bishop Engineering
will keep the plat on file in the company archives and additional copies will be
 available to the client upon request.

Site Plans

We believe it’s important to listen to your needs and expectations at the beginning
 of the design process so we can make your ideas a reality. We have been doing residential 
and commercial development in the Central Iowa area for over 48 years. Our staff
 of engineers, landscape architects, land surveyors and engineering technicians has
 the experience and knowledge necessary to successfully respond to any problems, 
major or minor, that may occur in the development of your parcel.
Our experience in private land development means we provide you with the latest
 and most innovative designs available for your project. We strive to deliver our
 services in the most cost efficient way possible and to utilize your property wisely.

Construction Staking

Bishop Engineering provides construction staking services for many different types 
of construction sites. We understand the demanding deadlines that the construction 
industry requires, and we have the crews to handle anything from high rise office 
buildings to house lay-outs. Whether big or small, Bishop Engineering knows that 
all projects are equally important to the builder and we will make sure that your 
project is handled in a professional and courteous manner.